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Hi. I’m Amy Kirst, an aspiring dressmaker, backyard tourist, and afternoon tea addict.

Get Inspired to Sew: I share dressmaking inspiration and tips, as well as advice for learning to make your own clothes.

Plan Your Visit to Washington, DC: I’m a native of Buffalo, NY but moved to the Washington, DC area in 2016. Check out my favorite restaurants and attractions in DC, and find out where to get the best afternoon tea in DC and beyond.

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Things to Do in Washington, DC in December 2018
Things to Do in Washington, DC in December 2018
November 25, 2018

These are my top picks for things to do in the DC metro area this December. Most are holiday-themed, as you’d expect, but there are theater events, museum exhibits and a couple of comedy shows thrown in too.

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello
Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello
October 26, 2018

There’s a right way and a wrong way to visit Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Find out what I learned from my two visits to the former president’s Charlottesville estate.

Autumn Afternoon Tea at Oatlands Historic House
Autumn Afternoon Tea at Oatlands Historic House
September 30, 2018

Oatlands Historic House is a unique setting for afternoon tea, providing a short getaway from urban life in the Virginia countryside. Teas are themed and held on select dates.